Sunday, January 10, 2010

Panera or Atlanta Bread?

Which would you rather go to? Panera or Atlanta Bread? I say Panera on Chastain road, my and my stepmom went AB (atlanta bread) this morning and asked if they had wifi...they did. Well when we tried to get on the internet with the password they gave us it didnt let us in!!! How rude!!! So we drove around for a while and finally got to Panera! Easy to get in the only problem is that they only let you use it for 30 mminutes then you have to click the login button again, but it keeps youre page open so if youre working on so mething importamt as long as you arent going to a new page then you can keep the page. FYI you dont have to create an account to get the wifi, just click the login button. Dont fill out your information unless you want an account to Panera! =] BTW in AB the reason we didnt get on is because they dint bother to reboot their sytem i dont even think they turned it on!!! >:| It made us mad, but I was really in the mood for a bread bowl!!! Thats the only thing wrong with Panera food, the bowls arent as good as AB. oh well =]

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I just had my adorable little sister in my lap! I love her so much! She has big gorgeous brown eyes!! And the cutest smile you'll ever see in a three year old! =] And shes like half my size!! I dont know where she and my other little sister got their height! I sure didnt get any!! Stupid genes and DNA!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!!

Hello again, it's me!!!! =] LOL well today we had SNOW!!!! YAY!! But the bad thing was that everyone wa like freaking out! Im like its just snow people! You act like you grew up in the desert!! OMG they were all like 'its sooooo cold'!! But then ten minutes later theyre asking to go outside and play in the snow! What the heck dude!! Either way, when my dog when outside to go to the bathroom he felt the snow under his paws and he strted LICKING IT!!! LOL!! =]

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st post! Whoo-hoo!!!

Hey! This is my first post...obviously! And I literally just created this blog like 2 minutes ago! LOL =] Well guess what!!!!... I had like no homework today because we just got back today!! On the down side we had to GO BACK to school! =( but oh well! On the up side we got to have out our cell phones for the first 10 minutes of homeroom AND all of lunch! YAY! I was so happy because I got to show off my brand new Samsung s30 Instinct! OMG it's soooooo cool, it's all touch and I wanted to get the Ipod touch but now on my new phone I can get apps...but not the same as the itouch or the ipod. =( Again oh well! I love it either way!